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The Creppy Group is a family of Companies engaged in Poultry and Pig Farming  (Animal Husbandry Division), Food Products and Beverage Manufacturing  (Food Processing Division) and Restaurant Services (Catering Division). The subsidiary companies operating under the umbrella of Creppy Group are Creppy Farms Ghana Ltd. (Animal Husbandry), Nature’s Finest Food Products Company (Food Processing), Nature’s Nourishment Food Products Company (Nutritional Beverages – Food Processing), and Nature’s Paradox Restaurants (Catering Services).  

Creppy farms ghana limited

The Farm’s products include Farm Fresh Eggs, Live Chicken  and Live Pigs. The company uses responsible and environmentally sustainable farming practices, good nutrition, and clean living conditions in caring for its poultry and pigs. These practices are consistent with the highest industry and regulatory standards for quality and taste. The Farm products are sold to individuals, small and large commercial enterprises such as restaurants, hotels, educational institutions and companies seeking to gift these products to their employees on occasions like Christmas, Easter and EID festivities. Visit our Products Page  to read more about these products and then go to the Contacts Page  to place your orders. We sell wholesale and retail.

Nature’s Finest Food Products Company

Natures Finest uses premium quality eggs, Chicken and Pork meat sourced from Creppy Farms  to make packaged Fresh and Roasted Chicken products , packaged Fresh and Roasted Pork products  and Egg Powder which are not only natural, healthy and nutritious but are also produced cost effectively to create value for the customer. All our products are processed with an extraordinary attention to quality and under the strictest hygienic conditions in compliance with industry regulatory standards. In addition, our products are naturally preserved: No Artificial Colors; No Artificial Flavours; No Chemical additives.

quality standards and customer service

In the manufacture of our products and in the provision of services to our customers, all our companies follow the same operational standards that distinguish us from the competition. The integrated nature of our companies generates significant savings which we pass on to you in the form of low every day prices. To enjoy money-saving discounts on our products, visit our Contacts Page to place your orders. To show our appreciation, we make life convenient for our customers by providing a 24 hour customer service as well as provide delivery services if you request it and if you live within our delivery service area. 

Our commitment to you, the customer, is simple: You will be treated with dignity & respect, the products you buy from us will be made with the highest standards of quality, and our prices will be affordable to you.

Most products offered by our competitors may be cheaper only because they are imported from countries where manufacturers are allowed to use chemical additives that may be harmful to your health. Even when competing products are made in Ghana they may not uphold the same standards of quality that we maintain in our manufacturing process.

To confirm the high standards of quality we uphold in the Creppy Group of Companies, we submitted our products and facilities to be examined and approved by regulatory agencies. For example, Nature’s Finest Whole Egg Powder and our Production Facilities have been approved by the two premier product regulatory agencies in Ghana – The Ghana Standards Authority and the Ghana Food and Drug Authority . The Production and Processing equipment used for Whole Egg Powder have been inspected and calibrated by SGA and our Production staff regularly participates in the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training In Food Processing Workshops organised by the FDA . We have taken the extraordinary steps of getting our products and manufacturing facilities assessed and certified and our production staff trained by these independent regulatory bodies not only to show our commitment to quality assurance but to also give you the peace of mind in knowing that our products meet the required national and industry regulatory standards of quality.  

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