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Our farming practices are consistent with the highest industry and regulatory standards for quality and taste. We source our pigs from the Nungua Livestock Breeding Station (NLBS), which is one of the national breeding stations of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture under the directorate of Animal Production. NLBS has been at the forefront of supplying high quality breeding stock to farmers across Ghana since 1938. Creppy Farms also works collaboratively with the NSLB to ensure that the farm’s practices are in line with best practices in the industry. The live pigs are well-nourished and kept in very clean and hygienic conditions which results in high pork quality. We sell live pigs to individuals, small and large commercial enterprises such as restaurants, hotels, educational institutions and companies seeking to gift the pigs to their employees on occasions like Christmas and Easter. Visit our Contacts Page  to place your orders.

Creppy Farms buys young pigs weighing 30 to 60 pounds (14 to 28 kilograms) from the Nungua Livestock Breeding Station (NSLB) and other credible sources and breeds them to the appropriate market weight at which point they are sold as live pigs to prospective buyers. Some of the young female pigs are raised to adulthood when they are crossed with males to produce piglets; some of these piglets are sold as live pigs to prospective buyers when they weigh between 30 to 60 pounds and rest are raised to market weight when some are sold as live pigs to prospective buyers and the rest are slaughtered and processed for sale by Natures Finest Food Products.

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